Understanding Mortgage for Novices

Prepared for Google

Designed by Shuo Yang, June 10, 2013

The Problem

If you are thinking about buying a house, what you need to know is how much you can afford, but more than just that, it includes abstract financial terms, complex mathematical formula, and brokers who wants to make money from you.

If you check online for help, you will be overwhemled with articles that try to teach people mortgages but doesn’t make too much sense for you.

You may also watch some online videos, which sounds better than the above, but still your specific situation may not be covered. So is there a way to optimize the experience ?

The Design Process

Working as a UX consultant in the financial industry, I have been design products for complex financial concepts. I have gained some expertise in mortgage loans. so I designed a tool that would allow a novice to to gain some basic knowledge of Mortgage.

Since it is a 3 hour exercise, I start from doing research about existing mortgage tools, and I found that most of the resources are static articles or simple forms and numbers. There is almost no interactivity or visually representation. Then I moved on to do sketches to brainstorm ideas. After that, I started to work on wireframes to explain the concept. In the end, I made one high-fidelity mockup for one of the widgets.

The Design

Here is my design for novices to learn mortgages. By visual representation and direct interaction with data, you can easily understand:


I believe design is not just how it looks, it is how it works. I believe software design problems are information design problems.

With digital media, We can do so much more than just static articles and mathematical equations. We can use interaction and visual representation to help people understand complex systems in a way that has never been created before.

That’s it!

Thanks for watching,  Looking forward to talking to you!

Shuo Yang
yangshuo1015@gmail.com | www.shuoyangdesign.com