Highly Recommended Books

These are my favorite books in all the world. Some of them have had an extraordinary effect on my life or way of thinking and I loved them.

1. Information Design & Visual Communication

Edward Tufte's Books

These are the bibles of information design by Edward Tufte. If you do anything related to information, you must read these. If you’ve already read them, read them again.

It is the first time, I found I can learn so much from comics

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art(1994)

Scott McCloud's Books

McCloud has written a great book on how our mind perceives visual language and how one can tell stories with images. It is so much more than just comics — it's fundamental and must read for anyone working with images and visual communications.

3. Hacking

Not just about programming but about understanding how your mind works

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning (2008)
by Andy Hunt

Best practices of Javascript

JavaScript: The Good Parts (2008)
by Douglas Crockford

4. Industrial Design

The most inspiring book about design philosophy.

Designing Design (2007)
by Kenya Hara

No more words, I am a big fan of Dieter Rams and Braun

Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams (2011)
by Klaus Klemp

The first book I read about design psychology

The Design of Everyday Things (2002)
by Donald A. Norman

Beauty affects usability.

Emotional Design (2005)
by Donald A. Norman

Valuable resources for industrial designers to understand process of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals (2007)
by Rob Thompson

5. The way of thinking

This is about how to create wealth by doing things in a certain way.

The Science of Getting Rich (1910)
by Wallace D. Wattles

Irrationality is normal in human behavior

Predictably Irrational (2008)
by Dan Ariely

7. Life

A life changing book about the essentials of human happiness

The Conquest of Happiness (1930)
by Bertrand Russell

How we let our media consumes us.

Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985)
by Neil Postman

A true honest life experiences and full of wisdom.

I Was Blind But Now I See (2011)
by James Altucher

  • Lara

    Do you have any books about paper folding? 
    Any recommendations?not the usual origami bird stuff :)

    • yang140

      Hi Lara,  I don’t know any book that talks about paper folding. 

      But if you are doing anything related to paper folding. The film “Between The Folds” is a MUST READ/WATCH. It is not about teach you how to fold things but more deeply about the thoughts of origami. Really inspiring and you can find them here.  http://www.greenfusefilms.com/ and buy it in iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/between-the-folds/id332655220.