Artist Bank Prototype

Artist Bank

This is a prototype I designed for an artist bank – FAB, It is a new bank for people who hate traditional banks. Designed from ground-up, by artists for artists, It aim to combine best financial services and technologies that enable members of the creative community to MAKE, MARKET and MONETIZE their art.

This prototype is designed for iPad and created using HTML, javascript and css. The framework template is using Bootstrap and data visualization is realized by d3.js. I lead this project and worked together with a front-end engineer.

The best way to view it is to open the page with an iPad and add it to home screen to view it in full page mode.

Money Dashboard

In the money dashboard you can view your bank account summary, financial details of your projects and third party account such as Spotify. In the Spotify page, you can learn the total plays of your tracks by time and most popular play locations

Send Money

Click images in Move Money module to send money to that person or company. The keyboard will automatically popup and let you enter the amount, the date and maybe hashtag you want to send .

Art Dashboard

You can view your projects, and gallery of other arts in the art dashboard. In this prototype, you can click Hollie’s photo to view detail of that art. When you click Hollie’s photo, you can play the video of the art in a full screen.


You can share the content to social networks by tapping the share button on the bottom of the side-menu.


You can search within the system by tapping the search button. An autocomplete search result will show up when you start typing.

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    Dude I want to buy this shit holla at ya boi

    • yang140

      Thanks Jonas!

  • Jonas Nieminen

    Mah chigga, So we dealin or wat