The Project

We worked together with a Private Equity firm to create an innovative platform to enable participants (LPs and GPs) in the Private Equity industry to find, connect, meet and transact with each other.

What did I do?

At Landscape Project, I led the design of the project from the UX perspective.

My role as the main User Experience Designer invoved from initial design analysis all the way to development. I am the primary contact of client regarding entire user experience process.

I am responsible for conducting user interviews, competitive analysis, creating user flows, organizational model, sketches and wireframes.

Collaborating with visual designers, developers and project managers, I ensure the products are leading to a great user experience.

The Challenge

The over all challenge is to create transparency and efficiency in the PE marketplace. The idea is an online matchmaking service which currently is still a very personal, relationship driven industry.

The core of the application serves to enable LPs an GPs to find one another by rich, complex searches. ( Market Map )

The Design Analysis

There is a six week design analysis phase. In this phase, I worked together with our client and strategy team to conduct multiple workshops from interview and brainstorming all the way to visual design.


Organizational Model

The Organizational Model is designed to illustrate the relationship of each part of the system and target user.

User Journey

During the user journey session, we sketch out very high-level user flows in a collaborative, hands-on session.

User Stories

After the user journey, we walk through user journeys and expand them into stories in a working session with business stakeholders and the end users. The goal is to capture the spirit of user needs. These user stories are being prioritized in to Core, High, Medium, Low level. This help estimate the project time.



Designed multiple iterations of wireframes. Each iteration was in response to the business feedback and user feedback.

Profile Details

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Market Map Details

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Calendar Details

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The Visual Design

Using wireframes as a guide, our visual designers designed high fidelity pages. It improved iteration of the design process. The key principles for this concept are “Open”, “Inviting”, “Light”, “Fluid” and “Natural”. The final visual design perfectly represent those principles.