mobile phone service concepts design

The Challenge

The challenge is to catch the pulse of China’s youth in a fast-changing society. Nokia wants to design a mobile phone service to fit the emerging behaviors of young people in China.

Here is our concept

Virtual City Concept from Shuo Yang on Vimeo.

How we got here

The Research

  • I collaborated with an R&D group who had already interviewed 17 young people in Shanghai and Guangzhou.
  • I sorted the interview results by subjects to find out the trends and opportunities in youth culture.

The Problem

1, Problems for College Students

  • Too many online social networks: Weibo, Renren, Techent qq, Douban, Wechat…
  • Most of the time, social networks are over loaded with information from lots of people.

2, Problems for young migrant workers

  • Limited internet access: 12% of young migrant workers have their own computers; 30% of them visit Internet cafes regularly.
  • Limited information channels: 57% of them get their jobs from fully offline relationships, such as friends, relatives and neighbors.

The Solution

The Scenarios

Two personas were created to represent each group: college students and migrant workers. Our team generated two videos to show the user scenarios for each of them. I drew the sketches, built the models and rendered the images. My teammates edited the videos.

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