Gift by All- Facebook App Design

The Product

Sending gifts has a long history because it satisfies one of the basic human needs; that is, to give love and to be loved. However, although the gift itself has evolved a lot through history, the way people send gifts to each other hasn’t changed a bit. In today’s information era, technology gives us an opportunity to revolutionize the way people send gifts.

I designed this Facebook application that allows a group of people to purchase a gift together for their friends. It enables people to send real gifts to their friends in a completely novel and social way, which could not be done before.

The user experience of sending gifts through the product is very unique and incredibly easy. Leveraging a unique way of sending gifts and the biggest social network user base on earth, GiftbyAll is going to transform the way people send gifts.

Target Market and Customer

The targeted market is the gift market. The customers are the people who use social networks and send gifts. Considering the number of people using social networks now and, most of them all normal people who sends gifts to others, this is a huge market.

The six prime categories of gifts in the US:

  1. Garden related: the fastest growing section;
  2. Perfume related;
  3. For pets: 59% of the families in the US owns pets;
  4. Handcraft: the market size is 12 billion in 2006;
  5. Cards: 7.1 billion market size in 1997;
  6. Office related for home use: 74 billion market size with 7% growth rate;

These six most popular categories of gifts are all portable; therefore, they are easy to delivery. There are also many other kinds of gifts besides birthday gifts; such as festivals, weddings, anniversaries, etc. There are just so many occasions when people would like to send gifts.

The UX

In this project, I designed the wireframes, developed the clickable prototypes for the usability study, conducted a 3-week usability test, and revised the prototype between the test sessions.


Visual Design

From wireframe to visual design

I started visual design at the beginning of the project. It takes multiple iterations of wireframing and prototyping until I finalized the visual design. I believe the most important step is to get the user’s feedback and apply it to the product.