Empty Clock

The Idea

Empty Clock, just like its name suggests, has no clock face. This is a square-shaped clock made from bamboo and metal. The driven parts are around the clock.

Arms are fixed in the circle and, even when they turn around, they still point to the center. You can practically have a new clock every day, as you can easily insert a piece of paper in the gap, representing your mood, tasks, or photos of your loved ones. This way, the no-face clock gets a new face day after day!

The Wall Clock

I also designed a wall clock version of empty clock. They are basically the same structure. Hanging it on the wall, the clock shows the aesthetic of simplicity.

The Prototype

I made a wood prototype to test the form and dimension of the design. This design is not in production yet; please leave a comment if you would like to be notified when this is available.

  • Tim Hussey

    Please let me know when you make both of these! i’d love to buy them!

    • yang140

      Hi Tim, Sure! Glad you like it.

  • Alice Sola

    How can I buy one of your clocks? It’s really a good idea and I would like to know something more about it :)

    • yang140

      Hey Thanks Alice, Really glad you like it. Unfortunately, it is just a design and is not in production.

      • Alice Sola

        Such a pity! :( Can I ask you if you use Arduino for move your clock?

        • yang140

          Yeah, Good Idea. Would love to explore on that.

          • Alice Sola

            So you don’t make a worked prototype yet? I would like to make a clock like yours to put in my bedroom but I can’t understand how it works

          • yang140

            Not actually, but I don’t think it would be very difficult to make a working one.