Lamp in Mind

This lamp was inspired by stone, which is a very common thing in our life. Stones are like a silent agent; we are familiar with them. But when I really start thinking about it, I hardly understand anything. When I thought about design, I came into images through sketching, modeling and rendering, which connected with my training as a designer, while other images connected with my childhood expeirences. When I was a child, I liked looking for beautiful stones in the yard of our house and collected them. It’s like treatures I got from nature. I played with them and showed them to friends. Memories like this contain the deepest design experience. They are the spirts of object and design atmospheres that I want to explore in my work.

This lamp can be fully blended into its surrounding because it has the ability to appeal to our emotions and minds in various ways. Since our feelings and understandings are rooted in the past, our deep connections with an object must respect the process of remembering. The lamp is just like a stone that can remind me the image when I was playing with the stone in front of my yard during my childhood.

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