Paper lamp

Before starting the design, I thought about this question: “There are thousands of gorgeous lamps in the world, so why would we need to design another?”
After sunset, we furnish ourselves with illuminantion by artificial lighting, but it cannot be compared to daylight. When I don’t think of it as an attempt to eliminate darkness, when I think of it as intimate, illuminated clearings that we carve out of darkness, then there is a need for design.
I made this first lamp very simple because I wanted to see how this simple form and natural material reacted with light. The light fell from the top part of the lamp, and the shadows spread through wood sticks. The light and the body create a bright suqare on the bottom which create a feeling of intimacy.

In this paper lamp, I used one kind of Japanese oil paper which has wood sticks stuck into the paper. The oil paper is hand made and can give a feeling of nature. It is a good combination of paper and wood. With the lights turned on, the wood sticks create a clear shade on the paper, which makes the light more elegent. My next step was to make changes based on this. It was a very traditional shape with traditional materials. I twisted it, squeezed it and placed it up side down to made it a new kind of traditional lamp.

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