Board Game – CAVE ESCAPE

Project Duration: 8 weeks
Advisor: Kevin Reeder

This project was to design a board game. The game uses a board as a basic play area. I tried to create a new way for people to play games together. The object of the game will focus on thinking and will use limited resources to achieve the final goal. The game should be fun. On the other side, the board game will focus on communication between participants.


Trapped by a landslide in an underground cave, you must find the map that will take you back to the ground before the supplies are exhausted.


w The first to get to the end will win.

w The player must collect all four pieces of the map, which will take player back to the ground.


w Players go forward, following the dice.

w Everyone spins the dice once on each turn.

w When a player lands on the card marked spot, the player can pick a card.

w You can use the card immediately or keep it, but you can only use one card per turn.

w If there is a hole in front of you, you cannot pass over it without a jump card.

w If you get to the spot which has bats, skeletons, a wagon, a torch or a spider web, follow the instructions in the text.